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Artificial intelligence

The Blossoming or Withering of Art

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Artificial intelligence, or simply AI, will completely revolutionize the world as we know it. With the advent of AI, there is one area that is more important than any other to turn to if we truly want to understand the consequences, pitfalls, and potentials that artificial intelligence holds: Arts and culture.

This area is the purest embodiment of human creativity – and thus our unique ability to produce creative solutions, thoughts, and artworks.
Ever since humans began to create cave paintings tens of thousands of years ago, arts and culture have constituted an active, explicit, and collective form of reflection on life and its fundamental conditions, dilemmas, and purposes. Artistic and creative practices have been uniquely human throughout these tens of thousands of years. No other living beings possess the human creative power or the ability to produce art.
However, with AI, this is no longer the case. It may sound quite grim, but it is certain that AI will have a breakthrough and transform the world of arts and culture.
So how should we understand the challenges that AI represents? And how can we turn them into opportunities that can strengthen the human qualities of arts and culture?
These are the questions that Christian Have aims to provide the best possible answers to with this book. A book that, incidentally, was created in collaboration with AI.

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Title Artificial intelligence
Subtitle The Blossoming or Withering of Art
Author Christian Have
Pages 165
Format 170 x 240 mm
Cover Hardback
Release December 2023
ISBN 978-87-94532-08-2

About the author

Christian Have

Christian Have is a communications expert, author, TV host, and owner of Scandinavia’s largest communications and PR agency within arts and culture, HAVE Communications & PR.Have is a culture and media advisor, a regular opinion contributor to the newspaper Avisen Danmark, and a sought-after moderator and speaker, both nationally and internationally.Throughout his career, Christian has published ten books on media development and the societal position and significance of arts and culture, and he has defined communicating culture as a unique discipline.In recent years, he has had a strong focus on the digital world and the impact of new technologies on societal and organizational structures – and on individual consciousness.

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