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First issue delivered will be HÅNDVÆRK no. 2 – The textile issue

Any action creates an equal and opposite reaction, and in a globalized, digital world, the yearning for the analogue and the handmade is a strong trend. In its two annual issues, the HÅNDVÆRK bookazine invites the readers into the analogue landscape.

Have the bookazine delivered to your door fresh from the press to get your front-row seat to knowledge and inspiration in the field of crafts and design. The perspective is Scandinavian, the outlook global. HÅNDVÆRK covers food, fashion and interior objects and design. Each issue revolves around a single theme.

Your subscription: Your subscription is continuous, and you will automatically receive the bookazine when it is released. Payment is withdrawn when each issue is sent. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Read more about our subscription conditions here.

Future publications

No. 2 will be published ultimo march 2020 and has the title ”textile”.
No. 3 will be published ultimo september 2020 and has the title ”home”


Title Subscription HÅNDVÆRK bookazine
Author Rigetta Klint
Pages ca. 150-160
Format 215 x 280 mm
Cover Softback

About the author

Rigetta Klint

Rigetta Klint has worked with crafts and design for more than three decades, initially as a designer and for the past ten years as a stylist, photographer and writer.
Rigetta is a passionate storyteller who aims for a calm visual expression, whether the subject is people, food, fashion or interior design. Rigetta Klint is the author of the critically acclaimed book HÅNDVÆRK, which was published in October 2018, and HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 1, which came out in October 2019, both published by Muusmann.

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